You Are Not Your Customer

There’s been a lot of talk recently about AZ removing the verified purchase badges from purchases made with coupons. This always seemed like gaming the system so I’ve never gone […]

Casting a Wide Net

I’ve had the question many times about the best way to grow an AZ business. I have one answer – More Products. There are a lot things you can do […]

The Simplest Ranking Tool

Even I struggle with rankings sometimes. Everybody seem to be selling a tool or offering a course on how to raise your ranking. I used one of the simplest ranking […]

Upside Down Part 2

The original Upside Down post seemed to really strike a cord with people. Since I wrote that post I’ve had confirmation that others are seeing the same shift in Amazon. […]

Upside Down

It’s my strong belief that most people that have an issue making money on AZ were doomed the moment they sent a deposit to a manufacturer. The common attitude is […]

Discovering Products

Seems like the biggest hurdle people have is discovering new products to sell. I thought I’d give a real world examples of how my brain works. I’ve mentioned before that […]